Colin Williams

Our Managing Director, Mr Colin Williams is one of our prominent Aboriginal leaders and he brings a wealth of experience in delivering over 40 years in positive Indigenous outcomes. He’s wealth of experience and achievements include:

  • Establishing contracts with the Australian Government to deliver excellent services and positive Indigenous outcomes
  • Honorary Ambassador for the Australian Capital Territory for continued work with the ACT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community
  • Participation in key Ministerial and State advisory groups on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues, economic development and participation, and the provision of social housing and welfare
  • Negotiations with the ACT Chief Minister’s Department to form key partnerships, such as Social Ventures Australia, tourism authorities, Indigenous education and job network providers, and ACT and Commonwealth Government Departments.
  • Establishment and running of Aboriginal social and community benefits schemes
  • Development of commercial enterprise opportunities between Aboriginal community organisations, local government bodies, and mining resource organisations.