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“Commonwealth Government has committed to a procurement target for goods and services from Indigenous businesses.”

– Indigenous Procurement Policy

Corroboree ICT is a member of the Corroboree Group of indigenous corporations. We have partnered with AchieveCorp, a long-established payroll provider that services the Commonwealth, ACT Government and private sectors, to provide exceptional ICT and Payroll Services for ICT contractors and Commonwealth entities.

The Corroboree Group of corporations are For Purpose organisations, incorporated under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2005 – our purpose being:

To provide positive outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in line with the Australian Government’s Indigenous Economic Participation and Procurement Policies.

We create and provide employment to local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and support the Corroboree Group to deliver positive Indigenous outcomes.

As a 100% Indigenous Corporation, Corroboree ICT allows Commonwealth entities to comply with the Commonwealth Indigenous Procurement Policyguidelines and achieve their contractual targets.

Entities can also apply Exemption 17 of Division 2 of the Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPR). As the ACIGR have done, Entities can engage Corroboree ICT through a direct or select sourcing process, including for contracts over the $80,000 CPR threshold – provided it considers that Corroboree Security provides Value for Money. Entities do not need to use a provider from the ICT panels of providers or run an open tender process to determine the Best Value for Money provider.

We save Commonwealth entities, ICT contractors and industry time and resources by not being constrained to the use of existing panel providers, their set pricing, and terms and conditions.




The Corroboree Group of corporations are “For Purpose” organisations incorporated under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2005. We work only with reputable, professional partners so that you can be absolutely assured that you are not exposed to unnecessary financial risks.


Without being subject to the usual Panel limitations of Government Agency Procurement Procedures, Corroboree ICT is available directly to Government departments by using the Indigenous Exemption (Exemption 17 of Division 2 of the Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPR).


Paid contractors are happy contractors. Payroll is not left to chance, we pay our people as quickly as possible, weekly, without the usual invoicing delay. We also pay PAYG and superannuation when it is due... guaranteed


Colin Williams - Managing Director

Our Managing Director, Mr Colin Williams is one of our prominent Aboriginal leaders and he brings a wealth of experience in delivering over 40 years in positive Indigenous outcomes.


Reputable Payroll Management

Minimise tax, maximise wealth, gain peace of mind and more time to do what you enjoy most! We design a fully comprehensive salary package that maximises the benefits from your contracting and consulting income.


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